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      The World to Norway

      Arctic Labs are available for brands and companies looking to get access to the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets. Both retail, B2B and production of high-quality goods. Special focus on medicare products and related markets and services.


      Norway to the World

      Arctic Labs is working to bring high-quality products, Made In Norway, out into the world. Our main channel is our online store designorway.com where we feature a range of locally made products available for the international market. We are also looking for B2B collaborations - contact us for more information.

    • Taking your Brand International

    • ARCTIC LABS is a Norwegian, and US company working to make the world of commerce seem a little smaller and easier to manage. Taking brands internationally, focusing on North-America and the Chinese market. We also help brands and companies from around the world find the right partners in Norway and the Nordic region.

    • High quality - sustainable production and development